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Faith in Action / May 24, 2012 / Wayne Rhodes, Editor

Word from Winkler
A dream of peace with justice
By Jim Winkler, General Secretary, General Board of Church & Society
United Methodists have a Special Sunday because we stand with the last, the least and the lost, and share God's vision of a world without war.

Living the Connection
‘Let’s deal with our woundedness’
By Bishop Minerva Carcaño
United Methodists bared their woundedness during General Conference through fear of failure, racism and sexism, homophobia and a U.S.-centric attitude.

Peace with Justice in West Michigan
Special Sunday offering supports JFON, ‘Micah Way Mission Experience’
By Kay DeMoss
Micah 6:8 stands at center of Peace with Justice Offering in West Michigan Conference.

Exploring positive investment
Peacemaking stance in Israel, Palestine approved at General Conference
By the Rev. Alex Joyner
Resolution points way beyond methods that emphasize boycott, divestment, sanctions.

15 propositions
The Bible and homosexuality
By the Rev. Dr. James Howell
Having heard much recently about the Bible and homosexuality — in the United Methodist General Conference, in North Carolina with its marriage amendment vote, and then President Obama’s statement affirming gay marriage — pastor offers some propositions that might help in moving forward.

'CPC' designates abusers
16 ‘Countries of Particular Concern’
By the Rev. Manohar James
U.S. State Dept. designation give to countries considered guilty of continued severe violations of human rights and religious freedom.

AIDS leadership awards
4 honored by United Methodist Global AIDS Fund
South African bishop, Kenyan UNAIDS leader, Indianapolis pastor and staff member of General Board of Church & Society recognized.

At long last!
National standards to stop prisoner rape announced
9 years after passage of the Prison Rape Elimination Act and almost 2 years after missing its statutory deadline, the Dept. of Justice releases strong, binding standards to end sexual abuse in U.S. corrections facilities.

Our Lives in Korea
Missionary deported from South Korea shares intimate 60-year evolving history of Asian peninsula
By Wayne Rhodes, Editor, Faith in Action
Book discusses political and economic issues because it is often within these that ‘struggles for justice and human dignity take place and the message of the gospel interpreted.’

‘HIV & AIDS: Awareness & Compassion’
Interfaith special broadcast Sunday, June 17, on CBS-TV network
Program highlights growing movement within interfaith community to assist those afflicted to live productive, healthy lives.

Prescription drug abuse
FaithLink downloadable study resource ‘connecting faith with life’
The U.S. government reports that deaths from prescription drug abuse exceeded those from motor vehicle accidents for the first time.

‘New world in the making’
North American churches call for focus on poverty, wealth, ecology
Consultation urges ecumenical and interfaith partners ‘to undertake a decade of action on eco-justice encompassing both ecological and economic justice.’

Women’s advocacy opening
General Board of Church & Society seeks director for Louise & Hugh Moore Population Project
Work with and on behalf of women around the globe by advocating for passage of just policies by the U.S. Congress and the United Nations.

Pilgrimage to Holy Land, Nov. 1-11
GBCS-sponsored trip will provide blend of history, current context
Pilgrimage will provide overview of historical, archaeological and cultural settings of the Bible, particularly with how they relate to Christianity’s origins.

On the struggle for social holiness
‘The expectation that God will work through the church to transform the world is a distinctive emphasis in United Methodism.’
—The Rev. Kathy James (South Carolina)

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